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Nut Shot Revenge Chick!
December 9th, 2011 
Who knows what this guy did to deserve this kind of revenge tactic but it must have been BAD. If she was my lady i'd want her to be touching my nuts a little more softly. Feel sorry for this poor dude, VERY sorry :(
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No, don't feel bad for him, he deserved it.
October 11th, 2013
Two single-engine planes, flying side by side in the Netherlands, collide and become stuck together at the wings. Nobody was injured, but one plane was forced to crash land on the beach while the other safely landed at the airport.
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August 25th, 2011
Forget all these posers who go around jumping between buildings thinking they are the best thing since sliced bread, this is the real deal. It's a case of 2 legs good, 4 legs better!
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February 6th, 2014
When I first watched this I thought I might be about to witness someone dying, but don't worry he isn't that high up. But it does give you an insight into how scary it would be to fall.
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December 6th, 2007
Do you remember Jack Thompson, an attorney who crusades against violent video games like Grand Theft Auto and said things like, "Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you're a hit man or a video gamer," - Here's a lovely little song about the dude :)
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February 2nd, 2011
We should all be so lucky to have one of these, we'll just see if those kids will wanna stay the hell off my lawn now huh? Death from above!
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October 11th, 2011
The long winter must really take it out on people living near the Artic Circle, i'd imagine the combination of cabin fever and vodka makes people believe that ice skating is just a warm up for some seriously cold swimming!
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August 10th, 2010
Sometimes you eat the car & sometimes the car eats YOU! Looks like this car has been playing too much Pac-Man for its own good. It kinda needs to remember not to eat the man that feeds it. Still, who can resist a quick tasty snack - WTF!?!
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July 18th, 2012
This is the one and only acceptable time that you can listen to Bieber and if anyone catches you, then you’d better think up a good excuse. But this guy should be appreciated, he’s made two terrible tween shitesters tolerable and that isn’t easy.
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May 30th, 2010
You'd think being this far gone these young beauties would be talking it a bit more easy. But no this is pregnant girls gone wild and they have a job to do, that not even their unborn children can stop them from doing. Proof that 'wild' never sleeps - LOL
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April 29th, 2009
If you thought The Fast And The Furious was fast pace and action packed well you have better get strapped in if you plan on watching this puppy because it is the next level!!!!
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