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Caught On Camera: Couple In Minivan
July 22nd, 2011 
Don't come-a-knocking if the minivan's a-rockin', it's probably gonna be this couple. I think everyone behind them is wondering the same thing: at what exit are they (she) getting 'off'?
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August 27th, 2013
Watch this video closely and see if you can spot the exact moment when this attempted robbery goes wrong. It's quite subtle so make sure you watch carefully as you might just miss it - LOL.
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May 3rd, 2011
It's a battle of the sexes and it doesn't look like it's going too well for this poor dude...It's only fun, but he is getting his ass kicked and will not hit her back, while she pummels him bad......... *Wait!
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April 11th, 2012
I love the way that females can detail every stage of anything they put their mind to (in this case a prank) - This girl thought she'd get a nice prank in on her friend who slams hard. Maybe make that 'ex' friend?
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November 8th, 2010
Sometimes a lady's front garden can get quite unsightly, so they need to get hold of the right tools & trim their bushes! Here's a serious advert all about that, completely free of any innuendo (in your end-o!) dealing with a major problem - LOL
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August 7th, 2012
Troll or no troll, the lulz are here for you to come lap up like so much delicious champagne. But let’s give the kid some credit, if he is Mr Fakero he’s managed to pull off some pretty spectacular acting here.
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March 26th, 2008
When you are still in diapers and your favourite toy is still a cuddly bear the last thing you need is your dad buying you a fully-automatic assault rifle - I can only imagine that this kid is destined for BIG things - WTF?
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November 29th, 2007
Hot on the heels of the truely romantic '2 Girls 1 Cup' video comes this tale of another 2 girls and their love for chocolate, cream and each other - WTF?
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September 9th, 2013
No matter how much your job sucks there's always someone out there who's got it worse than you. Take this guy for instance. He has to massage bikini models all day AND they expect him to come in and work weekends too! Poor guy.
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February 5th, 2008
Now this looks like it could be fun - Imagine throwing a party for all the big entertainment websites on the internet - Would the site sterotypes that turned up get along with each other - Or would it turn into all-out war ???
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September 6th, 2010
It's like one of those cruel laboratory experiments, except in this case these little rat-assed rodents are actually domesticated and clearly out for a good time in the household - Cute hamsters go WILD! - Totally weird !!!
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